Society Election Guidelines


Current Membership Rules

“Election of all candidates for membership shall be by the committee. Every candidate shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Society, to both of whom the candidate shall be personally known. Both proposer and seconder shall write letters to or email the Secretary of the Society in support of the candidate. In electing candidates, the Committee is expected to maintain the traditional selective nature of the Society membership.

Membership shall be confined to present or past members of the Oxford University Yacht Club and Cambridge University Cruising Club”.

Current Broad Guidelines

“The committee feels that sailing talent should be the main criteria for election and that includes crewing as well as helming talent. In addition it is felt that exceptions to this criteria should be permitted in the cases of individuals who had made a major contribution to the sport (either at University or since then) and who would make worthwhile members of the Society”.

Detailed Guidelines

CaptainsElectMen and Ladies
First open team helm and Full BlueElect 
First open team helm – BUSAElect 
Member of Oxford or Cambridge team, as follows:  
a)    In team racing, finishing in top 4 in BUSA or Wilson Trophy, or top 2 in UKTRAElect 
b)    Winning BUSA Ladies Team racingElect 
c)    Winning BUSA Match racingElect 
First team crew and BlueBalancedConsider on merits
Specialist crewNot electConsider on merits
Second teamNot elect 
Outside racing success (say top 5 of a serious class)Elect, if also active OUYC or CUCrC member 
Major contribution to the sport at universityConsiderNeeds to be “Major”
Subsequent success and contribution     (Post Oxbridge)ConsiderRemember Society’s team-racing emphasis

Guidelines for a Sailing CV

In addition to confirming their support, the proposer and seconder should ensure information is provided about the candidate’s sailing history. That information should be in the following sections, as relevant.

  • Pre-Oxbridge sailing
  • Oxbridge sailing and Club contributions
  • Post-Oxbridge achievements (particularly for mature candidates not recently graduated)

Apart from general information, these sections should contain the following information for major events, where applicable.

  • Event and date
  • Result
  • Personal role in the team
  • If applicable, the team’s club when not Oxbridge

For example:
“Captain & Helm in Ladies BUSA Team Racing Championships 2014 – 2nd.”

The sections should also include any useful roles in the University/Club sailing (e.g. “Team Racing Secretary, Cambridge 2013-14.”).

The information should be provided at least two weeks before the committee meeting for the elections.

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