O&CSS Generations Event

The Bell Trophy

The Society ran the first O&CSS Generations Event in 1991 and this team racing event immediately became a very popular one in the calendar. The competition traditionally takes place at Farmoor, with OUYC providing the organisational support. This is because of the excellent facilities at Farmoor and the plentiful supply of Firefly flights there.

Teams are generally composed of sailors from a particular decade, cross-decades in extremis. A famously opaque handicapping system makes allowances for older decades and teams that field six helmsmen. The trophy for the event is a bell, presented by West Kirby SC on the Society’s 50th Anniversary (1984). West Kirby wished to mark the close association between the two clubs – particularly in the initiation of the Wilson Trophy in 1949.

2021 (29th Event)
2020Cancelled (COVID-19)
2019Oxford 70s
2018Oxford Current
2017Cambridge 10s
2016 (25th Event)Cambridge Early 00s
2015Calms (Not enough racing to declare a winner)
2014Oxford Late 00s (Cooper)
2013Cambridge 90s Mixed
2012Oxford 70s/80s/90s
2011Oxford 90s
2010Cambridge Early 00s
2009Tabby Cats (Cambridge 90s)
2008Cambridge 00s
2007Oxford 00s
2006Cambridge 70s
2005Oxford 00s
2004Cambridge 00s
2003Oxford 80s
2002Oxford 00s
2001Oxford 00s
2000Cancelled (Foot & Mouth epidemic)
1999Cambridge Current
1998Cambridge 90s
1997Oxford 80s/90s
1996Cambridge 90s
1995***No record of winner***
1994Cambridge 70s
1993Oxford Current
1992Cambridge 90s
1991Cambridge 90s