Cambridge Take Both Varsity Matches – July 2018

Cambridge won both Mixed and Ladies Oxford Cambridge team racing Varsity Matches 2018 held at Weymouth in the National Sailing Academy’s Elliot 6M boats on 6-8 July. The outcome of the Mixed Varsity Match was as expected, with Cambridge fielding a strong team drawn from their BUSA successes. As a result, the score was 4-0 in their favour.

Ladies Match

In the Ladies Match, Oxford were the favoured team, being Ladies National and BUSA winners to the 5th (National) and 3rd (BUSA) results of Cambridge. However, in a repeat of last year, the Cambridge Ladies showed better seamanship in making the transition from Firefly sailing to the different momentum and sail-trimming characteristics of the 21ft Elliots. So they ran out victors with an emphatic score of 4-1, though the racing was always very close.


A big thank you to the Race Officers (headed by Sam Jenkins) and the Umpires , and to Weymouth SC for hosting an excellent after-match reception and dinner. And a special thank you to Meli Besse for organising what turned out to be two Team Racing Varsity Matches of the finest vintage.

Salcombe Gin sponsorship enlivened the reception. Good sponsorship from the graduate job-finding support company, Interview Advantage, kept student costs within reasonable bounds.


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