AGM 2016 – Minutes

Minutes of the 76th Annual General Meeting of the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society at Kellogg College, Oxford, on Saturday 1st October 2016, being the 82nd anniversary of the Society

The President took the Chair and the meeting began at 19:14hrs with 38 members present. Apologies were received from Anthony Lunch and Jeremy Atkins.

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting
    • The minutes of the last meeting were approved by acclamation.
  2. President’s Report
    • The President was delighted to welcome several new members to the Society: Christopher Eames, Robbie Gilmore, Hannah Bibby, Bryan Ormond, Will Reid (Cambridge), and Guy Stephens, Matt Ely and Janie Smallridge (Oxford).
    • It had been a good year for the Society:
      1. Collaborative OCSS, OUYC and CUCrC drinks in London in the Spring run for the third time.
      2. Society team came 8th at the 2016 Wilson Trophy – John Platts-Mills, Becky Cross, Peter Gray, Ben Gratton
      3. Katie Nurton won the POW cup in the International 14 class, Roger Gilbert was 2nd and Archie Massey 3rd in the overall series.
      4. Richard Thompson 1st in the Swallow fleet at Cowes, Claire Lasko and Honor Fell 3rd in the J70 class
      5. Luke and Emma McEwan won the RS800 European Championships at Garda, as well as the UK Championships, while Fiona Hampshire came 2nd at Garda crewing for Tim Saxton.
  3. Port Report
    • Katie Nurton offered a verbal report to the AGM. Port stocks are good, with a budget to fill any gaps that will be spent later this year when port stocks are released. Tonight’s port: We are drinking a 1997 Smith and Woodhouse, one of the old-school port houses, an excellent vintage, looking fantastic in the bottle. It was founded by the Mayor of London in the 1740s.
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    • Given by Claire Lasko. One set of Accounts were made available for all members, Investments are doing well, with so many new members joining. The £300 contribution to the Wilson entry was well regarded by all, as was the small profit on the dinner (of £15)
    • It was noted by the President that the increase in dinner ticket price that was due to a forgotten VAT issue by Kellogg College and that we we would see if we could get a better meal elsewhere next year.
  5. Election of the President
    • Mark Struckett was proposed by Will Henderson, seconded by general acclamation. The Society pendant was handed over. Thanks were expressed by Mark to the departing President
    • Fiona Hampshire was proposed as the new Hon. Secretary by Felix Danczak, and seconded by General acclamation.
    • Claire Lasko was willing to continue to stand as Hon. Treasurer.
  6. Committee Elections
    • Phil Derry and Lottie Rapson were elected newly to the committee, alongside Katie Nurton, Ed Grieg-Gran, Tom Low all re-elected.
  7. AOB
    • Tom Low – investments are doing rather well with excellent dividend yield.  No reason to change any current strategy.

Anthony Butler proposed a vote of thanks to the President for his obliging conduct in the chair, which was passed with acclamation.

The meeting closed at 19:27hrs

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