AGM 2017 – Minutes

Minutes of the 77th Annual General Meeting of the Oxford & Cambridge Sailing Society at Kellogg College, Oxford, on Saturday 30th September 2017, being the 83rd Anniversary of the Society

The President took the Chair and the meeting began at 19:20hrs with 20 members present and Anthony Butler acting as Secretary. Apologies were received from Fiona Hampshire (in Hong Kong on business) and Claire Lasko (delayed in a traffic jam).

Minutes of Last Meeting
The minutes of the last AGM, as published on the website, were approved unanimously.

President’s Report
The President was delighted to welcome 9 new members to the Society.

Oxford – Joe Gough, Jonny Taylor, Penny Weiser.

Cambridge – Helmi Burton-Papp, Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes, Tim Gratton, Duncan Hampshire, James Pinder, Hugo Sloper.

It has been a satisfactory year.

The Society team finished 2nd in the Oxford Magnum and a Royal Thames team consisting entirely of Society members won the Cam Cup and finished 2nd at the Wilson.

The Society won the Lymington Scow Inter-Club Challenge, but lost its matches against Itchenor and Norfolk Broads by the narrowest of margins.

There had been a good attendance at the 100th Varsity Match Dinner at Itchenor

Katie Nurton had been elected Yachts & Yachting Amateur Sailor of the Year.

Arthur Henderson helmed the winning Cambridge entry in the International Top University Regatta held at Qingdao, China.

Port Report
Katie Nurton offered a verbal report on the Society’s port. Stocks are good, augmented by some judicious buying this year – for the future. Tonight we are drinking a 1997 Smith and Woodhouse, an excellent vintage – the same as last year. Katie would be interested in offers from anyone who would be prepared to take over responsibility for the Society’s port.

Treasurer’s Report
Phil Derry gave a brief report on finances in the absence of Claire Lasko. Finances are in a good shape generally, assisted by an unexpectedly large profit on last year’s dinner. Postal problems have delayed the finalisation of the accounts, which will be published on the website in due course.

Investment Report
Tom Low reported that the Society’s spare cash was now fully invested, mainly in collective equity vehicles. The portfolio currently stands at just under £21,000 and is producing around £750 income annually.

Tournament Entry Funding
The President explained that a new approach was being adopted to help fund major event entries for a Society team, providing cash flow remained adequate. Funding for four entries will be assisted (Oxford Magnum, Cam Cup, UKTRA, Wilson Trophy) providing the team enters all the events, with the requirement that all three helms must be Society Members.

There was some discussion on the ‘three helms’ requirement in the light of the importance of crews and it was agreed that the matter should be reviewed by the Committee. All members of the team currently applying for this assistance are Society members.

The proposed arrangements for the coming year were agreed.

Election of the President and Officers
Anthony Butler took the chair briefly and, there being no opposing nominations, declared Mark Struckett elected President, Claire Lasko Hon Treasurer, and Fiona Hampshire Hon Secretary.

All three elections were met with acclamation.

Committee Elections
There being no opposing nominations, Anthony Butler (Web), Phil Derry, Ed Grieg-Gran, Tom Haywood, Tom Low (Investments), Lottie Rapson (Generations) were declared elected to the Committee, with acclamation.

The President explained that Katie Nurton was standing down (as required by the constitution), but would continue to advise the Society on port for the time being.

Josh Flack raised the cost of the dinner, which he felt was discouraging younger members. It was noted that there were several options for reducing the cost and it was agreed that the Committee should investigate and try to implement a reduction for next year.

Chris Pugh proposed a vote of thanks to Lottie Rapson for organising such an excellent Generations event, and to the President for his obliging conduct in the chair – both motions being passed with acclamation.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 19:40hrs

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