Another Successful Joint Drinks Party – March 2017

Tom Low is to be congratulated on organising yet another very successful joint OUYC/CUCrC drinks party in the O&C Club, Pall Mall on Thursday 16 March 2017. Three CUYC members also attended and it is planned that next year’s event will be a three-way affair between OUYC, CUCrC, and CUYC.

Brendan Hall, who led the ‘Spirit of Australia’ crew to overall victory in the Clipper 2009/10 Race – as the youngest and least experienced of the Clipper Race skippers of that year – gave a fascinating and very personal talk on how he approached the task. He stressed the difference between the Clipper (amateur and non-sailor crew) and Volvo (highly professional crew) races, which meant that motivation was vital – the race was a race of teams not a race of boats.

Several (autographed) copies of Brendan’s book ‘Team Spirit’were snapped up during the evening and a considerable quantity of Salcombe Gin, courtesy of Howard Davies (St Annes, Oxford, 1995), consumed. An evening not to be missed!

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