O&CSS Programme

The current O&CSS programme encompasses the following forthcoming events.

The 100th Varsity Match will take place 5-7 July 2017 at itchenor in Swallows under the flag of Itchenor SC.   Detailed arrangements are as under-noted.

  • Match practice takes place on Wednesday 5 July, with serious racing, both Mixed and Ladies, starting on Thursday 6 July – first to win four races is the victor
  • Society members and partners are welcome to join the Friday (7 July) dinner; there will be a 3 course meal for £30; 19.15 for 20.00hrs
11/12 November : Oxford Magnum (Farmoor)

24/25 February : National Ladies Team Racing Championships (Bardowie Loch, Glasgow & Strathclyde University SCs)

3/4 March : Cam Cup (Grafham and Cambridge)

17/18 March : RYA/UKTRA Team Racing Championships (Spinnaker SC)

Thursday 22 March : Joint Oxford & Cambridge Drinks Party (O&C Club, Pall Mall, SW1Y 5HD)

You will receive an Oxford or Cambridge alumni sailing newsletter about this.   If you are not receiving alumni sailing newsletters, visit the appropriate site and sign up!

4-6 May : Wilson Trophy, West Kirby

Sunday 20 May: Itchenor Team Racing

The Swallow match is firm (contact Andrew Reid if you are interested). RS200 arrangements are still under discussion (contact Tom Heywood for the latest information). An RS200 team is urgently required! The RS200 match will take place during the traditional and extended Swallow lunch break.

6-8 July : 101st Varsity Match – Weymouth

Saturday 1 September : NBYC Match (Wroxham)

After three defeats in succession and two cancelled matches, we are looking for a repeat of our 2012 victory this year!   Contact Gerorge Harston if you would like to take part in this excellent fixture.

Saturday 1 September : Lymington Scow Inter-Club Challenge (Lymington)

After last year’s calms and abandonment, our finely trained team of Scow experts will be seeking to recapture this trophy. Good luck to them! Contact Luke McEwen if you are interested in this fixture – it is a series of club fleet races rather than a team racing event.

Saturday 29 September : Generations Event (Farmoor)
Saturday 29 September : AGM and Annual Dinner (Kellogg College, Oxford)

Photo of yacht sailing in O&CSS programme
Gentle action at the NBYC match on Wroxham Broad