Match Racing Varsity Match History

Eurynome Bowl - Now with an inscribed base
Eurynome Bowl – Now with an inscribed base – for Match Racing Varsity Match history

Early Match Racing Varsity Match History

The very first Varsity Match, held on the river at Ely in 1912, took place in match racing rather than team racing format – though it became a team race the following year at Oxford. For historic convenience, the 1912 match is listed as part of the main Varsity Match history and this match racing Varsity Match history starts with the first modern Varsity match race held at the Royal Southern YC, Hamble in July 2014.

Trophies and Blues

Two CUCrC cups have been re-purposed for the modern Varsity Match Racing Match: the Eurynome Bowl for the First Team; and the Challenge Cup for the Second Team. The event does not yet have Half Blue status.


An historic list of Cambridge teams is maintained on the History pages of the CUCrC Student, Alumni, News, History website. There is currently no online list of Oxford teams.

Analysis of Varsity Match Racing Match Results to Date

So far Cambridge have won the main match once and Oxford nil; Oxford have won the 2nd team match once and Cambridge nil.

YearEurynome BowlChallenge CupPlace
2017Not SailedNot Sailed
2016Not SailedNot Sailed
2015Not sailedNot sailed