Windsurfing Varsity

Early History

Photo of windsurfing varsity trophy - driftwood with two brass windsurging figures
Paul Cox Windsurfing (Varsity) Trophy
A complete set of Windsurfing Varsity Match and SWA Team Event results to date is tabled below. The Match was first sailed in 1982 at Grafham in very windy conditions that resulted in a 1-1 tie, but it did not become a regular fixture until the 1990s. There is a photograph of the 1982 match report, written by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, in the CUCrC Historic Photo Gallery (Oxford won the 1st’s race and Cambridge the 2nd’s race).

Blues Status

Cambridge Half Blue status was awarded in 1997 – current criteria are published on the CUCrC website. Oxford currently do not get Half Blues.

Match Trophies

The trophy, the Paul Cox Windsurfing (Varsity) Trophy presented by Chris Addison in 2005, is a piece of driftwood with some brass windsurfing figures on top. Oxford, captained by ex-Cambridge windsurfer Sandy Douglas, were the first holders. In 2016 the Jubilee Tankard, instituted in 1955 for Saturday dinghy fleet racing, was re-purposed for the Second Team (non-Blues) match – with Cambridge being the first holders.

Data Details

All the years listed below are calendar years. The SWA Team Event Position is the Cambridge result – Oxford currently do not compete in this National event. An historic list of Cambridge teams is maintained on the History pages of the CUCrC website. There is currently no online list of Oxford teams. The overall score in the match now stands at Cambridge 22, Oxford 7, and 2 ties.

Year Winner Score     Winner
(2nd Team)
Score Place SWA Team Event Position
2018 (32nd Match) Grafham
2017 Cambridge 2-1 Oxford 2-1 Grafham No team event
2016 Cambridge 1-0 Cambridge 1-0 Grafham 9th
2015 Tie 3-3 Farmoor DNC
2014 Cambridge 5-1 Grafham DNC
2013 Oxford 3-0 Farmoor 12th
2012 Cambridge 3-0 Dahab (Egypt) 6th
2011 (25th Match) Oxford 2-1 Hunstanton DNC
2010 Oxford Farmoor 2nd
2009 Oxford Dahab (Egypt) 1st
2008 Cambridge 3rd
2007 Oxford 3rd
2006 Cambridge 5th
2005 Oxford Grafham 1st
2004 Cambridge Farmoor 2nd
2003 Cambridge Grafham ?
2002 Cambridge West Wittering ?
2001 Cambridge 4th
2000 Cambridge 2nd – SWA Founded
1999 Cambridge 3rd
1998 Cambridge
1997 Cambridge
1996 Cambridge
1995 Cambridge
1994 Cambridge
1993 Cambridge
1992 Cambridge
1991 Cambridge
1990 Cambridge
1989 No Match
1988 No Match
1987 No Match
1986 No Match
1985 No Match
1984 Cambridge
1983 Oxford Grafham
1982 Tie 1-1 Grafham