History Summary

Founding and Other History

The Society was founded in 1934 with the prime mover being Stewart Morris (Trinity, Cambridge 1927) – later to be an Olympic Gold Medalist. An excellent and comprehensive history of the Society is available for purchase, see the Merchandise page for details. A summary history of the Society, including details of Olympic participation, will be found on Wikipedia. A good general history of team racing will also be found on Wikipedia. Lists of Cambridge Varsity Teams can be accessed via the History section of the CUCrC website; Oxford team records are currently paper-based.

Finding Information

Use this section’s drop-down menu, from the ‘History’ tab above, to access several sub-sections dealing with the Generations Event and Varsity Matches.

Peter Scott’s 1936 Olympic Medal

The final item of history on this page is a photograph of Peter Scott on the podium with his single-hander Bronze medal at the 1936 Olympics. German Silver medalist Werner Krogmann is to the right, with some Nazi salutes visible in the background. Dutch Gold medalist Daan Kagschelland is hidden behind Peter.

Peter Scott - Olympics
Peter Scott at the 1936 Olympic medal ceremony