Team Racing

Team Racing Circuit

Competitive open team racing in dinghies and keel boats remains a major focus of the Society, with younger members encouraging, coordinating, and directing activities. If you want to start or participate in something, get in touch with the Secretary (link at bottom of right hand column) and think of organising a team!

Apart from standard fixtures such as the Oxford Magnum, Cam Cup, National (UKTRA) Championships, and Wilson Trophy, be aware of emerging inexpensive one-day events, invited training sessions at Oxford and Cambridge, and the 2K initiative – a international two-keel-boat team racing initiative that Society member Bruce Hebbert initiated.

Generations Event – Normally First Saturday in October

The Society sponsors a Generations Event each year at Farmoor on a Saturday at the beginning of the Oxford Michaelmas Term. On the day, Oxford and Cambridge team from each decade, and across decades in extremis, battle it out in Fireflies under a legendary and mysterious handicapping system.

Anyone can enter a team by contacting the organiser – currently Lottie Rapson, and Ladies teams are looked upon with especial favour. The Generations event entry fee is modest, the briefing normally at 9:30am, and breakfast and lunch are available at the Farmoor club. The O&CSS AGM and Dinner follow the event – in Oxford.