AGM Agenda

The 80th Annual General Meeting of the Oxford and Cambridge Sailing Society will be held via Zoom on Thursday 1st October 2020 at 7.00pm (Zoom details will be supplied later – please print out this agenda and have it to hand for the meeting).


  1. Chairman’s business and apologies.
  2. Changes to O&CSS Rules to enable virtual meetings to be held and the end of the accounting year to be 30 June rather than 31 December.
  3. To receive a report on the Society’s port stocks and hold an auction of Society port. Bids will be accepted before and during the meeting, with winners announced at the end (auction details will be circulated separately).
  4. To approve the minutes of the 79th Annual General Meeting, as published on this website.
  5. To welcome new members and receive the President’s report for the year.
  6. To approve the Treasurer’s report and accounts for the part year ending 30 June 2020. (Accounts are published annually via the OCSS Admin page of this website. Special arrangements are in place for this AGM because of the change in the Society’s accounting year, plus the handover to a new Treasurer causing inevitable delays.)
  7. To receive and approve a report on the Society’s investments.
  8. Inter-generations Match – next year’s event.
  9. To elect Officers for the coming year:
    • President – Patrick Bird
    • Honorary Treasurer – Kathryn Twemlow
    • Honorary Secretary – Fiona Hampshire
  10. To elect Committee Members for the coming year:
    Anthony Butler (Web), Ed Grieg-Gran, Tom Heywood, Tom Low (Investments), Ben Rahemt

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